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Promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance circulation, increase detoxification, improve skin integrity and decrease inflammation

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“Best Value Treatment: Buy massage GET FREE cupping/ Gua Sha + Sea Salt Therapy”

Tui Na (Tuina) massage Therapy

Recommended for below Conditions:

General Maintenance and Preventive of Illness (Twice monthly)
Specific musculoskeletal disorders
Chronic stress-related disorders of the Digestive System
Chronic stress-related disorders of the Respiratory Systems
Chronic stress-related disorders of the Reproductive Systems
Effective treatment protocols have been tested in a practical setting.
Not advisable for conditions involving fractures, phlebitis, infectious conditions, open wounds, and lesions.


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Package price: 10% discount

FREE Optional treatment with every Tui Na massage:

  • Back cupping Or Gua Sha
  • Heated Sea Salt Treatment on Neck, Back and Lower Back

Benefits of cupping/Gua Sha:

Open up the skin’s pores,Loosen muscles,Sedate the nervous system,Stimulate the flow of blood,Dispel stagnation (stagnant blood and lymph),Balance and realign the flow of Qi (气) (Life Energy), breaks up obstructions,Draw out harmful substances and toxins from the body

Sea salt Treatment:

We use the precious Sea Salt from the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the purest salts available for therapeutic use. It is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains. It includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

Benefits includes:

Promote relaxation, reduced stress, enhanced circulation, increased detoxification, improved skin integrity and decreased inflammation