Face Lift Plus Hair Growth

Face Lift Cum Hair Growth Acupuncture @$40 (UP $60)


Face Firming and Face Lifting acupuncture
Hair Growth acupuncture

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Product Description

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Radiant Skin and Beautiful Hair starts from the inside!

Face Lift acupuncture Plus Hair Growth acupuncture

Face Firming and Face Lifting acupuncture
Hair Growth acupuncture
Treatment duration: Half Hour


Lighten Pigmentation
Clear up blockage that causes skin problem (acne, sensitive skin, dull skin, aging skin)
Reduce Hair fall
Induce Hair growth
Improve efficacy with herbal medicine
Improves muscle tone and dermal integrity.
Increase collagen production.
Helps firm up and tone the skin reducing sagging around the eyes, cheeks, and neck.
Reduces fine lines and minimizes deep wrinkles.
Reduced puffiness (peri-orbital edema)
Regulates hormones in the body, reducing hormonal skin problems like acne and large pores.
Diminishes all types of scarring (acne, stretch marks)
Improves the circulation therefore complexion and coloring balances.
A calmer and less worn look.
Refreshed appearance while clearing up other symptoms because acupuncture works by treating the whole body and addressing the underlying causes of aging and disease.

How it works:

In TCM, the condition of our hair is a direct reflection of the
condition of our Blood, Liver and Kidneys. Healthy hair is thick,
dark and glossy when there is an abundant flow of Kidney essence
(Jing) and Liver Blood. If there is any deficiency, our hair may turn dull,
lifeless and brittle. The deficiency may even lead to premature hair
greying and thinning.
Skin problem relates to the function of spleen and liver.
This treatment works by improving the spleen and liver function
resulting in better health with radiant skin