TCM Recipe: Tomato (high blood pressure)

TCM health recipe

Causes & Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

TCM consider “Liver Heat” as one of the most common causes for hypertension or high blood pressure. The usual symptoms of high blood pressure include dizziness and headaches. Those with high blood pressure due to Liver Heat may also experience the following symptoms: feeling hot, red face and eyes, very emotional or easily angered, constipation, body feels puffy and bloated, excessive dreaming, insomnia, stiff neck, tinnitus.
Tomato can be eaten to reduce Liver Heat, balance the Liver and help you lower your blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Tomato

In TCM, tomato is described as sweet and sour in taste and cold in nature. It is well recorded in ancient Chinese diet therapy book on how tomato is beneficial for the body, especially in cooling the body and clearing Liver Heat, balancing the liver and removing toxins. Due to these effects, tomato is good for the following conditions:
1. High Blood Pressure due to Liver Heat (with the above mentioned symptoms)
2. Poor appetite or indigestion, fullness in the stomach, abdominal area or constipation. Eating tomatoes will help improve the appetite and digestion. Cooked tomato is especially good for children who have a poor appetite, I suggest trying the stir fried egg and tomato recipe below.
3. Those who drink alcohol. Drinking tomato juice before, during or after drinking alcohol helps the Liver to metabolise the alcohol and remove the toxins from the Liver and body.

Tomato is cold in nature so it is very suitable to eat during hot days and summer. Chinese medicine believes that the body and environment have a strong relationship, so in hot seasons the body will be affected by the external heat. The heat will cause the body to have a physical change and may cause the following symptoms: dry skin, thirst, dark urine, constipation, perspiration, body heat, erratic emotions or insomnia. The cooling characteristics of tomato helps to clear the summer heat and help avoid symptoms of heat-stroke. Tomato is a summer fruit and especially well suited to be eaten during the hot season.

Tomato Recipes

Stir Fried Tomato Egg

2-3 tomatoes, washed & chopped to medium size pieces
2 tbsp spring onion, finely chopped
2 eggs, whisked together
1-2 tbsp olive oil
Soy sauce, to taste
1 tsp sugar (optional)
First, fry the eggs in olive oil on medium heat, then add the tomatoes and fry until soft (roughly 10-15 minutes).
Once cooked, you can add the spring onions, soy sauce and sugar (this enhances the flavour and reduces the sour taste of the tomatoes).

Effects of this Dish:

Balance the Liver & Stomach;
Increase appetite;
Clear the digestive system.

Tomato & Celery Juice

Juice 1 tomato & 2 celery sticks
Effects of the Juice: Clear the Heat from the body and the digestive system; Help reduce high blood pressure; Clear the Summer Heat; Reduce Liver Stress
A very good drink for the summer season!


1. Women within one month after labour are advised to avoid eating raw tomato due to its cooling effect, which can reduce circulation around the abdominal area.
2. Those with diarrhoea or kidney stone should avoid tomato.
3. If you do not know your constitution, please consult your experienced TCM health practitioner for professional advice.