More Parents are turning to TCM centers

TCM is effective for children cough, cold and colic

It was reported that more parents in Singapore are turning to tcm clinics. Find out why tcm is popular among parents, and its effectiveness in treating young children.

More parents are turning to tcm clinic especially for conditions for which Western medicine has no treatment. Some use tcm treatment to complement western medicine. Many parents bring their babies and toddlers for Tui Na massage or Chinese therapeutic massage for conditions such as coughs, colds and colic. Several tcm centers here are reporting an increase in young parents seeking tcm therapeutic treatment. One parent said that her child started tcm Tui Na at 2 months old, she finds it effective in treating colic. She said that her child used to cry a lot at night and he began to sleep better after a few treatments.

Parents who were interviewed quoted the following reasons to seek tcm treatment for their children.

  • For conditions where Western medicine has no treatment
  • Still see Western doctors, use tcm as Supplement
  • Unlike Western medicine, tcm Tui Na is effective without medicine or injections
  • tcm treatment stimulates body to provoke internal healing, has long term benefits

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Testimonial: “My 2 year old son had a persistent cough. He was coughing all night sometimes even vomit his milk out with phlegm during bedtime. Took him to see PD and have taken several types of medicine for weeks yet his condition did not improve. I was told to take my son out from his childcare for a month so that others do not infect him.
It pained me to see my young one suffering with prolonged cough. I decided to bring him to the tcm physician. Thanks to Xin Hua tcm Clinic, with just a few dosage of tcm medicines, his cough has improved and he was able to sleep through the night. “.