How does acupuncture strengthen immune system?


Ginseng ,Dang Gui and Astragalus (Huang Qi)- herbs that strengthen immunity

Can I have acupuncture treatments even If I do not feel good?

acupuncture can:
1. Have a preventive effect
2. Strengthen your body’s resistance Help fight pathogens

Why acupuncture can help?

The immune system contains receptors for endorphins & neuropeptides. There are connections between the immune system and central nervous system. The immune system responds to chemicals and secrets chemical messages. The immune system has nerve cells which connect the brain to the spleen and other organs producing immune cells.

How can acupuncture strengthen the immune system?

Qi (vital energy) is the fundamental substance. The body resistance is strengthened when Qi is strongly reinforced. acupuncture promotes Qi and blood circulation, providing essential nutrition and oxygen to body parts and tissues. The system can function normally and properly.

Stimulate the Immune System with acupuncture

acupuncture points: St 36, Li 4, Li 11, Gv. 14.
Using tonify methods.
Twice a week for 5 weeks, then once a month for maintenance.
Best combined with individualized formulas.

How to enhance my immune system with natural Chinese herbs?

Herbs are natural food.
Stimulate blood flow.
Benefit metabolism and endocrine system.
Individualized formula to fit body needs.
Enhance absorption of nutrients and minerals.

What are some common Chinese herbs effective for preventive care?

Ginseng ,Dang Gui ,Astragalus (Huang Qi)
Seek professional help.
Be aware the side effects and contraindications
Proper dosage and long term use side effects.